Маслозавод Южный полюс

01 Seed acceptance

Sunflower seeds only get to the plant after approval by our own laboratory.
This is why we always have quality raw materials.


02 Cleaning and drying

Cleaning, drying, crumbling (destruction) of seed peel and its separation from the core - the next stage of the production process of sunflower oil. Then the seeds are shredded. The resulting mass is hydrothermally processed and then roasted.


03 Pressing

Heat the prepared seed before removing the oil. In this way the oil not only retains all its useful properties, but also becomes more aromatic. The oil is then defended, filtered and further processed.


04 Cake

The cake obtained from the extraction process is pelletized and used in agriculture as high-protein concentrated animal feed.


05 Refining

At this stage, several operations are performed simultaneously. 
Defrosting, filtration and centrifugation make it possible to clean the sunflower oil from mechanical impurities. During hydration, protein and mucous substances are removed. During the neutralization phase, free fatty acids, heavy metals and pesticides are removed. In the next stage, free fatty acids are removed and the oil is bleached. Deodorization destroys odorous substances, which lead to oxidation.
All these stages of oil cleaning from undesirable impurities increase its storage time. Freezing allows you to clean the oil from waxy turbid substances and give it transparency.
Sunflower oil at our plant goes through all the stages of purification.

06 Packaging

fasovkaWe have an automated sunflower oil filling line with high capacity.
First, the PET blanks are loaded into a machine that blows out the bottles for sunflower oil.
The finished bottles are fed into the oil filling line. After filling the bottle, it closes. A label is also affixed to the bottles and the date of production is printed. The filling of the bottles with sunflower oil is monitored automatically, thus minimizing scrap rates.
Our line prevents sunflower oil from getting on the outside of the bottle. Thanks to this, a good commercial appearance of the oil is guaranteed.

Filled bottles are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes.
Ready-made boxes are placed on euro-pallets and handed over to buyers in this form.
We can put your logo on the boxes and bottles with sunflower oil if you wish.

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